Professional Portal

Welcome to the Professional (Pro) Portal Guide!

Our development team had one objective in mind when designing the Pro Portal. We’re giving you the opportunity to guide as many clients as you want in just a few minutes. 

We’ve worked hard to ensure is easy to use. But just in case, we’ve put together some quick pointers to help you keep your clients moving!

If you can't find the answer to your question then please feel free to contact us. We're always here to help!

Here's a list of the topics described below:


Getting Started

Getting up and running is quick and simple. We will have you and your clients connected and moving in no time.  

Let us guide you through the first steps.

1. Sign Up

To optimise the services you'll be receiving, we ask for three pieces of information at registration:  your location, your professional designation, and your phone number.


What will you do with my location?

Your location information allows other Go Get Fit Pros to refer local clients to you. Potential clients may be looking for a Go Get Fit Pro to work with in your service area. If you wish to receive client referrals, click the checkbox at the bottom of your registration form. 

Why do you need my professional designation?

Your professional designation allows healthcare providers (HCPs) to add you to their professional network. This information helps other Go Get Fit Pros provide you with appropriate client referrals.  New trainees might also be interested in contacting you based on your qualifications!

Why do you need my phone number?

Because we value the foundation upon which your practice is built, we require pros to verbally confirm a client transfer before it is completed. Your professional contact information allows healthcare providers to reach out and discuss details regarding a client they'd like to refer to you.  

If you'd like to opt-out of the referral process, feel free to leave the checkbox at the bottom of the registration form blank.


2.  Build Your Dream Practice

Invite clients. Simple!

How do I do that?

1. When you're logged-in to the Pro Portal, click on 'ADD TRAINEES'. Here you can enter your client's name and email address.  

2. We fire off a personalised invite to the email address you entered.

3. Once your client registers (using the email address you sent the invite to), you'll be connected!  

Welcome to your HOME PAGE

This is your core work space - where the magic happens! From here, you can view client workout data, individually or as a group. The data presented here has been aggregated and analysed to give you a quick overview of each client's progress.

There are two navigation bars on the home page.

  1. The main navigation bar (at the top of the page), allows you to explore various Pro Portal features. This menu is at the top of every page. 

  2. The trainee navigation bar is visible only on the home page - where your clients are filtered into different categories.


The Pro Portal Home Page captures the results of all your clients' workout details. It takes one glance to determine which clients need the most guidance.  


The term ‘trainee’ refers to those who are using Go Get Fit in a non-professional capacity to form new exercise routines. Trainees must commit to a certain number of workouts, for a total number of minutes, per week when signing up with Go Get Fit. The number committed, as it compares to the workouts completed, is displayed for each trainee you are monitoring.

Trainees are grouped into categories based on their level of engagement. There are three levels of engagement that represent clients' adherence to their exercise commitment. These three categories are described in more detail below. 



How Clients are grouped in the Trainee Navigation Bar

  1. All Trainees: This is where all your clients are listed.

  2. Low Engagement: These clients have completed less than 40% of their exercise commitment for the week. This group requires your personal attention. You can easily send them a group message, urging them to book an appointment with you as soon as possible. Early intervention is the backbone of success!  

  3. Moderate Engagement: Clients in this group may have had an off week, completing between 40-60% of their commitments. Nothing to worry about yet, but consider sending them a message of encouragement.

  4. High Engagement: This group is meeting, or exceeding, their exercise goals: completing at least 60% of their commitments.  Send them a thumbs up acknowledging their success!

  5. Disengaged: Trainees who have neglected to schedule a workout for 3 weeks or more are assigned to the Disengaged category. If you have clients in this category, it's best to contact them personally to book an appointment.

  6. New: Clients who have just registered spend 2 weeks in this group, while we gather enough data to sort them into one of the three main categories.

  7. Pending: This is a list of the clients you've invited to While listed here, you know they have yet to register with You are waiting for them to activate their account by signing up. 

When you click on a trainee's name, you'll be presented with the details of that trainee's workout history (over the past 8 weeks). These workout details are presented in a graph for quick reference. Trainees have the option of entering their mood and perceived effort when logging their completed workout. ENCOURAGE them to do this, as it allows us to provide you with valuable information regarding the habits of your overall client population.  

Pending and New Trainees


Once you've invited your potential trainees, they'll be added to the Pending list (on the home page, click "Pending" to view this list). The dates displayed here follow this format: month/date/year. If you wish to send another invitation to someone on this list, you can do so by clicking on "Resend". If you no longer wish to send someone a invite, you can delete an individual by clicking on the "Delete" button.

If you don't immediately see the person you've just invited, try clicking on the refresh button located to the right of the "Pending" button.



When trainees accept your invitation, and register with Go Get Fit, they'll be added to the "New" list (on the home page, click "New" to view this list). Trainees will remain on the "New" list for 2 weeks, then they'll be assigned to a category based on their level of engagement. Trainees are listed chronologically, with the newest listed first.



When you look at your home page, you'll see a column on the far left with this title: "Filter By Label". Your home page loads all your trainees when you first login. You can group your trainees according to labels that you create. Start by clicking on the LABELS link in the menu at the top of your home page. 


Manage Your Labels

1 - Create a label

  • Type the name of the group into the label name.
  • Select ADD LABEL

2 - Once you've created a label, for example "Gym class 11-A",

  • You can then select from the list of available trainees you want to add to that group. (Note, an individual trainee can be added to multiple groups.) 
  • Once you've added all the trainees you want to that group, click on the "Save Trainees" button.

3 - Once you are back on the home page, you'll see your labels listed on the left hand side.

  • If you select one of your labels, you'll be able to see all the trainees in that group. The group will be further divided by adherence level.


Supporting individual clients who are attempting to change their exercise behaviour can be quite time consuming. We have good news for you, Go Get Fit is here to help.


The Group Message feature saves you tons of time. It’s simple. Your Pro Portal presents clients grouped according to engagement level. You tap out a few words - one message - that is sent to trainees who are all at the same level of engagement. The result: each client receives a personal, motivating message. It took 1 minute to write, now you can move on to your next task. 

1. Select an engagement level, for example, the High Engagement category. Simply click "Send a group message".  


2. Type your message. We’ve given you 150 characters to let your personality shine. Remember, everyone will receive the same message.

3. Select "Send Message". Go Get Fit adds a personalised salutation from you. Your message will land in the inboxes of everyone who belongs to the High Engagement category. 

Want to message just one person?

You can do that too! For more detail see the section on Individual Messages

Taking a Closer Look 



At some point, you may want to take a more granular look at one client’s workout history. Go Get Fit collects this data and presents it clearly so you can quickly review trends over the last 8 weeks. To view this data, click on a client’s name. There are 4 tabs at the top of the trainee's workout details page. The 4 tabs are: Workouts, Messages, Recommendation, Manage.



You will find a variety of client-specific information. The Go Get Fit week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. We encourage trainees to get in the habit of logging their workouts and scheduling the next week of activity by Sunday evening. Workout data is organised by week (beginning on Monday) and represented as follows. 

The number of workouts or minutes the client has

  • Committed to each week - the orange line
  • Scheduled each week - purple circles
  • Actually completed - blue bar

Further down the page is a detailed summary of workouts for the last 8 weeks, including a description of the activity (e.g., swimming, or walking), as well as the trainee's mood and effort upon completion. Mood and effort are important to take note of when making new recommendations for exercise. 

When trainees record their workouts, they have the option of entering their mood and effort during the workout. This gives you a quick way to determine how clients are feeling about the exercise they complete.

When trainees record their workouts, they have the option of entering their mood and effort during the workout. This gives you a quick way to determine how clients are feeling about the exercise they complete.


Want to message just one person?

Above the personal weekly progress summary, click “Messages”. Type out your message. When you hit “Send” the message will only be received by the client you've chosen. Fuzzy on your previous conversations with that client? Scroll down to see a record of past communication.



Recommendations allow you to suggest a certain number of workouts, for a particular duration of physical activity. You can either enter a unique recommendation, or create a recommendation template that can be used again and again for different trainees. 

Sending a new workout recommendation?

Click on the trainee you want to send a recommendation to, at the top of the workout details page you'll see a button labelled "Recommendation". When you click on this button, you'll see the "Current Recommendation" above a form that allows you to send a new, customised, recommendation. 


Recommend Different Types of Activity

Each recommendation is meant to apply to one full week. Multiple lines can be added to a recommendation so you can guide clients with different types of activity for the week.

Oops! I made a mistake

Did you "Add" a line, then realise you made a mistake? No problem, hit “Delete” to get rid of that line.

You can send your new recommendation by clicking "Send recommendation". Or you can choose one of your Recommendation Templates, by selecting it from the drop-down menu. If you'd like to create a new Recommendation Template, you can click on the "Manage Templates" link in the top right corner.

For more detail on how to create a Recommendation Template, see the CREATING EXERCISE RECOMMENDATION TEMPLATES section.

Pending Recommendation

When you click "Send recommendation", you should see a new "PENDING RECOMMENDATION" listed above. In Go Get Fit, a new week begins on Monday. This means your recommendation will be pending until the Monday following the day it's created.


This tab is used to Transfer or Release a trainee. You might need do this if you, or they, are relocating.  


It's important for pros to discuss their decisions to Transfer or Release trainees prior to making that request in the Pro Portal. When making a request to Transfer, the receiving pro must be registered with Go Get Fit. Consent must be obtained from both the receiving pro and the trainee in order for a transfer request to be completed. All requests for Transfer or Release generally take at least 24 hours for completion.


Simply enter the first and last name, or email address of the new professional and click “Initiate Transfer”. In order to protect the privacy of trainees, we also require their consent before a transfer can be completed. One of our Go Get Fit representatives will confirm the transfer with you, as well as the receiving pro. At that time you can let us know whether you'd like to release the trainee once s/he has been transferred to another pro, or continue to monitor the trainee's progress. 


If you're unable to to continue working with a client, you can click the "Release Trainee" button. You will no longer be connected with this client through Go Get Fit. 

Connecting with other Pros

Find your peers and colleagues! Transfer a client, network or share information.

Click on "PROS" in the top navigation menu. You can search for a registered Go Get Fit Pro by entering either a name or a city. These search results can be filtered by selecting a professional designation from the drop-down list (either an Exercise Professional, or a Healthcare Provider). When your search results appear, you can click on one to view that pro's contact information. 



This is where you can update your personal information.

Edit Details

Please do so when you move, or change your number, so that potential clients and other professionals can easily locate and connect with you. Go Get Fit is not effective if it’s not accurate!



To review your templates, or create a new one, click on "SETTINGS", then "Recommendation Templates". 

To review your templates, or create a new one, click on "SETTINGS", then "Recommendation Templates". 

Ultimately, your role as the Pro is to guide your clients towards accomplishing lifelong fitness! To support you in this endeavour, we've designed a feature that allows you to create exercise templates for clients at any stage in their fitness journeys.

Every pro is automatically assigned a default recommendation template upon registration. You can change this by creating a new template and setting it as the default.

Every pro is automatically assigned a default recommendation template upon registration. You can change this by creating a new template and setting it as the default.

The Standard Recommendation Template
All pros are assigned a default Recommendation Template when they register with Go Get Fit. This default template is delivered automatically to any trainee that you invite. It's called the "Standard Recommendation" and it consists of 4 workouts of walking, with a duration of 15 minutes each. 

recommendation setttings 1.png

Creating Your Own Basic Recommendation Template

You can create a basic template, that consists of only one workout type.

1. Give your template a name. When you want to send this recommendation to a trainee, this is the name that shows up in the drop-down list of templates. 

2. Enter the number of workouts, the duration, and the activity. 

3. Click on the "Add" button.

4. Now you can "Save" the recommendation template. You should see the name of the template in your recommendation list. 


Creating an Advanced Recommendation Template

You can create an advanced template that includes two or more types of exercise for the week.  Variety is the spice of life! Once they've achieved a regular exercise routine, recommending a combination of different exercise types can help to keep your clients interested and engaged. For example, combinations of resistance and aerobic workouts can be important for clients who are worried about bone density. 

1. Give your template a name. When you want to send this recommendation to a trainee, this is the name that shows up in the drop-down list of templates. 

2. Enter the first line of the recommendation: the number of workouts, the duration, and a description of the activity (e.g., resistance).

3. Click on the "Add" button but DO NOT click “Save”, not yet!   


4. Enter the next line of your recommendation: the number of workouts, the duration, and a description of the activity (e.g., aerobic). 

5. Click on the "Add" button. You should now have two lines that will be included your recommendation template. You can repeat this process to continue adding as many lines as you need. 


6. Now select "Save" to add this template to your collection. 



We’re always looking to improve. Please send us your suggestions,  comments and well wishes. We love hearing from you!

A response from us will usually take no longer than 1-2 business days. 

A response from us will usually take no longer than 1-2 business days.