Welcome to Go Get Fit!

We’ve worked extra hard to make sure our app is easy to use but just in case, we’ve put together some quick pointers to get you moving as soon as possible! If you can't find the answer to your question here then please feel free to contact us. We're always here to help!

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The invitation

You may have received an invitation from a healthcare provider, or fitness professional. If so, please follow the directions in that invitation. When you register, make sure you use the same email address to which the invite was sent. This email address will keep your account connected to the professional who invited you. Your pro will be able to monitor your progress as you schedule and record workouts.



If you haven't received an invitation, don't worry. You can still join the fitness party!

When you register you'll automatically be assigned to one of our Fitness Team Leads. This professional will follow your progress as you schedule and record workouts. You'll also be given recommendations for new challenges based on your current progress. Be sure to check in with your family doctor on a regular basis regarding your new fitness habits. 

We ask for your location so we can pair you up with a fitness professional in your area. This information is optional. You don't need to fill it out unless you'd like face-to-face consultations with fitness professionals.    


The first thing we ask Go Get Fit trainees to do is create a contract. This is where you decide what goal you'd like us to help you achieve.

Think about all of your reasons for getting fit. Write down the most important reasons here. This will help to keep you moving towards your fitness goals. These goals may change over time, and you can always update your contract later on to reflect your new goals.

Our default recommendation is 4 workouts of light activity, each lasting 15 minutes. Before you begin exercising, it's best for you to consult a family physician in order to determine the number, and duration, of your workouts.


As you continue on your fitness journey, you'll need new challenges. This contract can be updated at any time. You can find more info regarding this feature in the Profile section.


This is where you'll see your current week's progress. The number of workouts you committed to is represented by empty checkmarks. As you record the workouts you've completed, empty checkmarks will be filled-in. The total number of minutes you've committed to is also shown here to the right side of the minutes you've completed.


You'll see reminders here for your next scheduled workout. Being reminded of the new habits you want to form is an important part of changing your behaviour.


If you wish to see an overview of your past workouts, you can do so by clicking on the "HISTORY" tab at the top of your home page. Each Go Get Fit week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Because you can view all of the current week's workouts in the SCHEDULE tab, only previous weeks are listed in your HISTORY.



Members of your Support Team, including the pro with whom you're associated, can send you messages of encouragement.

You'll receive a notification every time a friend or a pro sends you a message. When you receive new messages: a bright pink dot will appear in both the top right, and bottom left, of your home screen. The same dot is used to represent unread messages in your inbox. 


Tap the Calendar icon at the bottom of your screen to bring up your workouts for the week. Tap “Workout 1” to schedule your first workout. Enter the details of your workout, tap “Save and add to schedule”. Congrats! You’ve scheduled your first workout. We’re really proud of you. Making a schedule is an important step towards changing your lifestyle. If you feel like you're on a role, then go ahead and schedule next week's workouts too: tap "Next Week" in the top right corner of your schedule. 

There are NO BAD WORKOUTS! If you’re not sure what, when, or where your workout is going to be – THAT’S OK! You can always change those details later.

Generally, our default recommendation is: 4 workouts of light activity (15 minutes each) per week. Be sure to consult your family physician before engaging in this exercise!


No matter how light your workouts are, finishing them week after week turns into quite an accomplishment. That sense of accomplishment begins to hit home after each workout you record.

Go to the Calendar screen, the one with all your workouts for the week. Tap the workout you just completed to “View Workout”. Tap the “Mark as Completed” box. Once you’ve scheduled and completed your first workout, you’re on your way to building healthy habits!

Because each new Go Get Fit week begins on Monday, you have until midnight on Sunday to enter your workouts for the week. 



Once the time of your scheduled workout has passed, it will show up as MISSED. Don't worry! You can still record this workout as completed. Just follow the steps listed above.  



When you're viewing your workout, you can also choose to change the details of your workout. Simply click on the "Edit" button, then click on the details you wish to change. 


If you've scheduled a workout by mistake and you want to remove it, you have a few choices. View the workout by tapping on it inside your schedule. When you select "Skip workout", you'll be presented with a confirmation that has 3 choices. You can select either "I scheduled this workout in error" or "I am making the choice to not reschedule"  and it will disappear from your schedule. 

If you've already recorded the workout, when you select it again, there should be a button at the bottom of the "Confirm workout" screen that says, "Delete". 


Research in behavioural change shows that sharing your commitment contract with friends can improve your chances of success. This is why we offer you the opportunity to add members to your Support Team. The first member of your Support Team is the pro with whom you're associated. You can invite a friend by clicking on "+ Add team member". 

After you've sent an invitation, you can choose to send it again or cancel your request by clicking on the text listed below your friend's email address. 

friends notice .png


The invitation your friend will receive looks similar to the image above. Your friend should try to follow the instructions it contains as closely as possible. 

The first step is the most important. Your friend must click on the link, and then register with the email address listed just above that link. 

If the first step is not successfully completed then your friend won't be able to follow your progress as you schedule and complete workouts.


Once your friend agrees to become a member of your Support Team, you can change the name that shows up in your list by clicking on "Edit". Clicking this option will also allow you to delete a team member from your list.


This is where you can view your commitment and the recommendation from your pro. 

You can change your commitment by clicking on "Update". A new page will appear where you can click on your goal, the number of workouts, or number of minutes, and then enter your changes. Your Pro's recommendation is listed on this page as a reference.

If you're changing your commitment, take a moment to reflect on any barriers or obstacles that may prevent you from completing your weekly workouts. Do you run out of time on a particular day of the week? Do you have any fears or negative emotions associated with a particular type of activity? Consider creating a back up plan for the next time those barriers occur. 


Because each new Go Get Fit week begins on Monday, your new commitment will take effect on the Monday following the day you complete your Update.

Once you click "Save", your new contract will become effective on the Monday following the current week. Until that day, you can view your new commitment by clicking on "Show target". Your current commitment will appear again when you click on "Show CURRENT target".


See that small gear in the top right corner of your Profile? When you click on it you'll be taken to the Settings options for this app. This is where you can change your notifications and location, give us feedback, or simply logout.

settings page.png


By default, you'll automatically receive notifications reminding you of your scheduled workouts. One notification will be sent the evening before your workout. Another notification will be sent the morning before your workout. 

You'll also receive a notification on Sunday, reminding you to enter your workouts for the week. Being reminded of the new habits you want to form is an important part of changing your behaviour.

If you decide that you don't want to receive these notifications, then open your Settings, and click "Notifications". A new page will open with a list of all your notifications. Click on the notifications you no longer wish to receive. An aqua-coloured switch indicates the notifications that will be sent. A white switch indicates the notifications that are turned-off.



Your location details are used to help us find exercise professionals in your area. If you didn't enter your location when you signed-up, you can always add those details here whenever you wish.



Please be aware that any feedback you share through the app is directed to our Go Get Fit technical team (not the Pro with whom you're associated). We'd love to hear from you regarding suggestions or concerns about the app! If you need to communicate with your Pro, you should do so through the contact information provided by your Pro.