This Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) relates to the GoGet.Fit mobile application (the “GoGet.Fit App”). The GoGet.Fit App provides a fast, effective, and efficient way for users to receive and communicate information relating to their personal fitness and exercise efforts through a centralized content-sharing communication platform made for exercisers, health care professionals, and physical fitness professionals. This Privacy Policy explains how information relating to the GoGet.Fit App is collected, used, and protected. The GoGet.Fit App is and shall remain committed to complying with all laws, rules, and regulations.

User Acknowledgment
By accessing and using the GoGet.Fit App, you acknowledge and agree that this Privacy Policy is part of the Terms of Use. You further agree that using the GoGet.Fit App signifies your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and your consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information as described herein.

If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, you will not be granted access to the GoGet.Fit App. Your use of the GoGet.Fit App and any dispute over privacy is subject to this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use, including limitations on damages.

Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Information
The GoGet.Fit App may collect and use information provided by you to the GoGet.Fit App including, without limitation the following (“Personal Information”):

  1. Profile Information: Includes certain mandatory profile information requirements, such as, your name, username, password, and email address must be provided by you when you register for access to the GoGet.Fit App, and other non-mandatory profile information for your user profile, including but not limited to picture, phone number, physical attributes, and general health status.
  2. User Content: Includes all information and materials you provide, submit, or post to or through the GoGet.Fit App.

All Information submitted to the GoGet.Fit App will be collected, processed, used, stored, disclosed, and disposed of in accordance with applicable Canadian law, this Privacy Policy, and the Terms of Use.

Use of Information
All Personal Information provided including profile information and user content provided and relating to the GoGet.Fit App will be treated as confidential information by the GoGet.Fit App. The GoGet.Fit App will not disclose any Personal Information or materials provided by you to the GoGet.Fit App to any third party and such Personal Information will only be used by the GoGet.Fit App for internal purposes such as, to tailor programs and content, and to address the needs of authorized users. However, you understand and agree that by using the GoGet.Fit App personally identifiable information will be available to the health care and personal fitness professionals (the “Professionals”) with whom you agree to interact through the GoGet.Fit App. You own and will continue to own all of the Personal Information provided by you to the GoGet.Fit App, and you my add, change, or remove your Personal Information from the GoGet.Fit App at any time.

The GoGet.Fit App uses “cookies”, or similar technologies, to improve your experience and to save you time. Cookies are tags placed onto your mobile device or computer from which you access the GoGet.Fit App, thereby allowing your device or computer to be recognized each time you access the GoGet.Fit App. Through the use of cookies, the GoGet.Fit App can be customized to your individual preferences in order to create a more personalized and convenient experience. Please note that the cookies used for the GoGet.Fit App do not store personally identifiable information about you.

Security of Personal Information
The GoGet.Fit App will aim to protect your Personal Information, including the confidentiality, security, and integrity of data stored on its systems. Only those employees who need access to your information in order to perform their duties are allowed such access.

Disclosure of Personal Information
The GoGet.Fit App may disclose your Personal Information without your knowledge or consent in certain circumstances. The GoGet.Fit App may disclose information when the GoGet.Fit App, in its sole discretion, deems it necessary in order to protect our rights or the rights of others, to prevent harm to persons or property, to fight fraud and credit risk, or to enforce or apply the GoGet.Fit App Terms of Use.

Request for Correction of Personal Information
Individuals are permitted, by law, to submit written requests to obtain the following:

  1. Their Personal Information under the custody or control of the GoGet.Fit App;
  2. Information about the purposes for which their Personal Information under the custody or control of the GoGet.Fit App has been and is being used; and
  3. The names of persons to whom and the circumstances in which their Personal Information has been and is being disclosed by the GoGet.Fit App.

Each such request will be responded to as accurately and completely as reasonably possible.

An individual’s ability to access his or her personal information under the control of the GoGet.Fit App is not absolute. The GoGet.Fit App shall not disclose personal information where doing so would likely reveal personal information about a third party, or where the GoGet.Fit App chooses not to disclose the personal information, including where disclosure would reveal confidential commercial information.

Requests for Correction of Personal Information
The law permits individuals to submit written requests in order to correct errors or omissions in their Personal Information. If an individual successfully demonstrates the inaccuracy or incompleteness of that individual’s Personal Information as contained in the GoGet.Fit App’s records, the GoGet.Fit App will amend the Personal Information as required and, if reasonable, to do so, send correction notifications to any other organizations to whom the incorrect Personal Information was disclosed.


Intention to delete one’s account:

Users must submit a request in writing to have Personal Information deleted from an account. All personally identifying information will be deleted when this option is exercised. 


Changes in Policy
The GoGet.Fit App reserves the right to change the Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy at any time. Any changes will be posted on the GoGet.Fit App so that you are always aware of the Privacy Policy.

Unless stated otherwise, the current Privacy Policy applies to all information obtained about you and your account.


Contacting or Communicating with Us
GoGet.Fit follows practices outlined in Alberta's Personal Information Protection Act, as well as the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, with regards to the collection of personal information.    

If you have any questions, with respect to the Privacy Policy concerning the handling of your Personal Information, or if you wish to request access to, or correction of, your Personal Information under the care and control of the GoGet.Fit App, please contact us.

GoGet.Fit stores all personal data in servers that are hosted by a Digital Ocean datacenter in New York. You can read Digital Ocean's privacy policy by clicking here. If you'd like more information from Digital Ocean regarding their privacy policy, you can send your request to the following email address:

If you are dissatisfied with our handling of your Personal Information, we invite you to contact Endurance Unlimited in writing, setting out the reasons for your concern.

You may address your concerns to our Privacy Manager:

Kerri DeZutter
Endurance Unlimited
P. O. Box 8588
Canmore, Alberta
T1W 2V3

If you remain dissatisfied after our Privacy Manager has reviewed and responded to your concern, you may wish to contact Privacy Commissioners in Alberta:

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (Edmonton)
#410, 9925 - 109 Street NW
Edmonton, AB     T5K 2J8
Phone: (780) 422-6860
Fax: (780) 422-5682 (please call the office to confirm receipt of a sent fax)
Toll-Free: (888) 878-4044

Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (Calgary)
Suite 2460, 801 6 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB     T2P 3W2
Phone: (403) 297-2728
Fax: (403) 297-2711 (please call the office to confirm receipt of a sent fax)
Toll-Free: (888) 878-4044

If you reside in Australia, you may wish to contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner:

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
Level 3, 175 Pitt Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 1300 363 992
Fax: +61 2 9284 9666
Post: GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001