3 Tips to Help Clients Build Self-Efficacy for Exercise
By Jennifer Turpin Stanfield

We found this Article this week and we know you'll enjoy it. Here are the high Points from this article that left us smiling:

1. Help new clients develop positive thoughts and emotions related to exercise.

This has been the focus of ours from the beginning. It’s about building positive habit experiences. The early focus must be on supporting habit formation on their terms, that is, at their rate, where they want to, how they want to, when they want to… just “schedule it - do it - log it”. 
Habit first and foremost!! The rest falls into place with time. 

2. Use past successes and mastery experiences to build confidence for exercise.

The author, Jennifer Stanfield discussed about how to implement strategies that resulted in previous successes. Good idea. She did mention that self-efficacy is situation-specific.  No more is this true than with “scheduling”, called scheduling self-efficacy. If an exercise-initiate has a poor scheduling self-efficacy for exercising they have less than 20% probability to be in regular physical activity (1) compared to those with a higher scheduling self-efficacy who are more than 70% likely (350% improvement). What does the GoGetFit solution focus on? Scheduling the week’s workouts, notification of daily workouts, reminders of a missed workout and recently adding a reflective activity at week’s end to reflect on why a workout was missed, option next time and decide on what will be done next time. Focus on scheduling it and success ramps up for your clients. They will experience “mastery” and build confidence for exercise ALL from a simple little piece commonly overlooked: Scheduling!!

3. Encourage your client to build an exercise network.

The timing has to be right for this. There is a balance between being judged and the confidence and commitment having grown enough that there is relatively no fear of judgement, the “I am doing it” attitude.
In the GoGetFit design besides networking with professionals,  the client can network with friends to support them on the app “Add Friends” under the support icon on the app. Contrary to the authors opinion about the value of your opinion might not be enough, I beg to differ, your support in the day-to-day of their life exercising through the app, your being there, improves outcomes dramatically, significantly and in a life changing manner.

Dr. PJ Rawlek

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