So… you’re standing on a cliff edge, playing red rover. Someone comes running across, now if your standing alone you’re likely to get pushed off the edge if they pile into you.  But if you had even one other person holding your hand, you have a greater chance of staying on the cliff.

For some people who are trying to make lifestyle change, that’s the difference. Your support, your reaching out- MAKES A DIFFERENCE!! As a professional you may not fully appreciate the impact of a few words your encouragement – “I noticed.” Just sending a thumbs up. According to Kerse (1) your encouragement has a profound impact; just providing recognition and even better with providing encouragement: greater than 230% greater successes. 

We designed GoGetFit so if you use it to stay connected with ALL your clients, there will be a whole bunch of things happening. The only hitch is you are the rate limiting step. The more clients you engage the greater the outcomes.

You do it- IT HAPPENS. Support builds success.

If you’re like me, you’re often left with the silent optimism that you’re making a difference. Sending little note of encouragement or leave a voicemail for a client we haven’t heard from in a while matters. We’re living in a time when people are feeling very alone. People perceive their circle to be small if nonexistent.

We know the research. Physical activity does so much good in every aspect of our lives, but we also know that it’s one of the first things to be cut when we become busy, or depressed. If we don’t have the support or nudge factor (you, the connected exercise specialist) when we waiver to get back moving, physical activity won’t continue to happen.

One problem. I believe people still feel that if they aren’t doing an hour workout that it isn’t worth it. I know we’re all working hard on changing this attitude and trying to encourage people to just get out, even if it’s for 5 or 10 minutes. (Right Kevin? Right Kiley?)

The active break is a positive break.

It disrupts the thinking, which is a positive upswing for mood, gets the heart beating, and clears the mind to reengage.  

So send those notes of encouragement. GoGetFit is designed to make it easy. Take a few minutes to reengage those clients who’ve fallen off the wagon. And let’s not forget about us, take time to get out and get some fresh air. Once around the block does make a difference, even if it’s in rubber boots, sandals, or on a bike. A little sweat and some heavy breathing settles the mind.


1.     Kerse  N, Elley CR, Robinson E, et al. Is physical activity counselling effective for older people? A Cluster randomized, controlled trial in primary care. J Am Geriatr Soc 2005; 53:1951-6


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