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Closely monitor your clients fitness progress anytime anywhere. Let us analyse their progress for you so you can quickly and easily support them. Tap in to the expertise of likeminded professionals. Together we will change lives!

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How do you handle my privacy? How secure is my information?
GGF only collects low risk personal data, known as low “xyz” data. We store all data on a special server (MedStack) because we it provides the highest level of protection and we do NOT share your data with external third parties. Any sharing of your information needs to be approved by you first therefore you decide if you want to be seen by another. All privacy and security reviews have put us in a positive light with all regulators and privacy consultants. This is our policy, our modus operands.

How much time does it take to manage my clients?
Whether you have 20 or 200 clients it takes less than 15 minutes to manage your clients with the workhorse, your GGF pro portal doing all the work for you. Your time is our priority. We want you to be working with new potential clients and not hovering over a computer trying to figure out heart rates and step count data.

How often can I see my client data?
You can view your clients data as often as you like, GoGetFit provides live adherence metrics of your clients on-going performance.

How many people can I sign up?
You can sign up and manage 100s of clients, requiring less than 15 minutes weekly to track and support them on their journey.

Why do you not track and capture my biometric data with wearable? Then I do not have to report I worked out.
We designed GoGetFit mobile app so scheduling and logging completed workouts takes less than a few minutes a week. The power of successful change is anchored in the act of “self reporting,” known as “Personal Reported Outcomes”. This is one of the ways GGF leads to long term behavioral change.  Biometric data directly downloaded by your watch, has relatively little power in driving habit change, and in fact may undermine the efforts of many pursuing fitness. (See for more info)

How do I message all these people?
No matter how many clients you have, our Group Message feature allows you to send personalised messages to everyone within seconds. Just copy and past one message to everyone, then choose to let us add an introduction as well as your client’s name, it’s that simple. Alternatively send a personalized message to whomever you like whenever you like. (See instructional video for more info).



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