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As of mid April 2019, GoGet.Fit recorded over 2-million supported minutes of activity through dedicated professionals and by indidivudals like yourself. Congratulations!!

            In the first months of 2019 over half-million minutes of exercise were logged and supported.  Minutes that would have been unsupported historically, and many wouldn’t have happened. Today, they are STILL HAPPENING. Thank YOU for allowing us to support you and your efforts to create a more active community.


            There are many benchmarks we are on track to surpass this year.  There is a movement afoot. Linear growth until the end of 2018, and as of 2019 exponential growth as a result of adoption and implementation in Australia, Western Canada, and soon to be entering into Boston, and the US!

Onwards and Upwards!

            Where are we going from here?  In the next months we are establishing our Australian, Eastern Canadian, and our American footprints. On the Canada front, watch for the news of new partnerships we are presently cultivating.

            By the end of 2019 we hope to reach 4-million supported minutes with your help and the help of your professionals!

How Can You Help?

1.       By putting in the active minutes that you’re already so successful at doing. We’re here to support you, but you’re also a key component in supporting us towards our next goal. All you need to do is continue scheduling, following through, and being active.

 2.      You have friends who could benefit from an introduction to a tool designed to provide support on their terms -- where they want to and how they want to build their fitness routines. We are here. Tell them. We will take it from there.

3.      Tell your doctor and healthcare professionals, let them know that we are here. Introduce them to the GoGet.Fit contact site and we can build on that. Your warm introduction goes a long way.

            That’s all it takes! What do you say? Help us top 4-million minutes of remote support, where we support people on their own terms.

            You are part of a winning team. We promise to be here to provide support. Join the movement and we’ll help you get to your active goals! Moving forward as a team.


Thank you,

From all of us at