Every technology-based pursuit needs proof of its use before it can move beyond the testing platform. For most things this proof is mostly physical. Think airplanes, cell phones and cars. I guess, in a way, ours is fairly physical as well. When our users get out there to be physically active, that’s a physical result, and we love it!

        How much proof is needed? Well, that’s a fairly subjective question. Obviously, we don’t need quite the proof record that the airplane needed because, let’s just say there were some safety concerns with that one. But even though we may not need that much proof, we want it. We want so much proof that it’s overwhelming, and that there’s no doubt that we’re having a positive effect on our users.

        We’re well on our way there too! Over the last 5 years we’ve built our way to a platform that can help trusted professionals support workouts and be the helping hand for those first steps forward (as well as the steps that come after) that are the hardest ones on the journey to being physically active and physically healthy.

        How successful has this endeavor been? We’ve supported you through       43,872 workouts averaging 40 minutes per workout! That’s 29,887 hours or 1,793,263 minutes of working out that would otherwise have been unsupported!

GGF Goal Minutes.png

        We’re not satisfied yet, and to reach our next milestone we need your help. We want to log 2-million minutes of supported physical activity. But this goal can’t be reached without you, the user, and the help of our pros who support you.

How can you help? Keep doing what you’re doing, get out there and be active! Ask a friend who might be struggling with their activity scheduling, and needs support in getting active, to sign up. Ask your pro to take them on! It’s right there, so close, we just need to keep up with our healthy-lifestyle habits, and keep logging, to reach our collective goal. Let’s do it together!