Well four times a year we'll send you a reminder to review your contract and update it. (And then modify your weekly exercise commitment of how many workouts and the amount of time committed)

Why is this important?

Because as we grow, our contract may also, but even more likely, as we continue to be more active we may see new possibilities and may be have new motivations for what is “my why” for exercising. Keeping it current, reviewing it quarterly helps in achieving improved physical health, or at least maintaining it.

How is the best way to decide on what will that new contract be?

Well the best way is to discuss it with another person with the aim to clarify, what is your “why” for exercising the next three months. And the best person to talk with is your personal professional who knows you best, likely know some of your challenges you face and is usually the one who supports you and holds you accountable. Or,  talk with a friend about your “why” for exercising. Failing that, take a piece of paper and write down three reasons that move you that are the reasons now that drive you to continue to be active, that is, that motivate you to keep active. Then change your contract on your GoGetFit app.

A few notes:

  • Remember to keep it realistic, but most important,

  • Make it personal (for me, my new commitment this fall is to be active so I can be active when my oldest son comes to spend time with me this year.)

  • Tell someone else. Notify your professional. Tell your friend supports.

  • Go to the mirror and do what I had to do daily when I was on national team-- Say to the mirror, looking at myself, what was my contract with myself, my personal why for being active.  This is mountains to molehills more effective than anything else. Just you have to do it the first thing when you wake up and come across a mirror. Try it?


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