You've made and chased goals before. If you were really motivated to achieve a specific goal likely you set some steps in  place in order to achieve that goal. We achieve many goals daily, but we don’t even realize it. Consider a quick clean of the kitchen. You know all the steps (dishes, clean the counter, quick sweep, dishes in cupboards- done!), you have a process in place to get it done. We also know what it takes to get a deep “spring” clean done, there is a lot more planning and steps that happen compared to a light clean, but the basics are the same. Whether you do the light clean or deep clean, when you finish you have a great sense of accomplishment and have a feeling of pride that you got it done. 

Goal setting for your health is very, very similar. Like cleaning your kitchen, getting a workout done feels great. You feel accomplished and proud of yourself (maybe a bit of a swagger, “I did it.”) for taking the time to complete a workout.

Now, taking a look at your week (like I do sometimes), it might feel super busy. When this realization of “busy” is your week, is when it’s time to schedule your workouts. When you set a goal for 15-20 minutes of exercise per weekday and maybe schedule a longer workout on the weekend, you’re setting yourself up for success. 

Let’s take this deeper. Here are a few realistic steps for incorporating exercise into your daily life.

1. Schedule all of your workouts in advance. (On the previous weekend)
2. Layout your exercise clothes (where they are waiting in anticipation to be used) or get them in your gym bag in advance. (make it a daily ritual)
3. Leave your running shoes or gym bag where it interferes with your day, for example, some people leave their running shoes in the middle of the entrance for when they return home to “greet them”… OR Other people leave their gym bag on their drivers seat to give them a nudge. (WE WANT to hear about your little tricks to get you out personally, please message me at
3. Tell someone. Support keeps you accountable. 
4. Once you’re done exercising, take a few seconds to log the workout and reflect on how you’re feeling.

The path to better health, may feel like a mountain. We want you to look at this journey one step at a time. When you do, exercise doesn’t feel so daunting. Being realistic is key. Even if you can only fit in a 10 minute walk at lunch that’s “exercise for your heart!”. You will feel better getting in some movement.

So, if you haven’t scheduled your workouts for this week, go to and get them scheduled. It will feel good to know you’ve made a plan and it will feel even better when you’ve marked them as complete! 

You’ve got this, now GoGet.Fit!