Do you also sometimes struggle to just get out to workout? You too? Really?? Hey, a little secret. You know those Olympians, those international athletes, yes, those folks training to get ready for a World Championship, they share in that exact same human experience. Yes, they do. I know, I was one of them. There were times where the only point driving me was there were teammates that would be meeting me or there was a coach standing there waiting for me to workout. That got me out on those days. But when I got out there, man, man it was nice to be out exercising, freedom to sweat and push myself, there was freedom in that.

Something to learn here:

It is always better to have to plan to meet someone for a workout. You do not have to be the same level. You do not have to do the same things. Just agreeing to meet up makes an appointment and most people keep their appointments. Lesson: Organize to meet up with someone for each workout and you are more likely to not miss it.

A few other points:

·      Look at your workouts with playful enthusiasm. A “Fun Time.” Try taking that attitude. Still difficult, then try the following.

·      Warm up to that after-burner feeling. Experience the euphoria of when you have done it. I use to vocalize aloud, “Man that felt great. Time to relax now.” Try it. The mind follows where the voice leads. Attitudes change with what they hear you say.

·      My favorite, is embracing that “exhaustion feeling.” It is your little badge of honor. “I did it!” No one can take that away from you. They can do more. They can do less. But they did not do what you did, nor do they feel what you feel. Your personal Badge!

To close: You workout for you and because you want to be healthier. The key is to find the love in it: The friendships and meeting up (community), The excitement and enthusiasm to have a fun time (your own time), Embracing that after-burner feeling (…Feels good), or the badge of honor (I did it!). 

One final point compare and embrace the euphoria you feel when you are finished. Compare it to how you felt before hand. Sure feels great after emotionally doesn’t it?  That is reason enough for most to get out, even if it is alone on a trail walking, jogging, skiing, biking.

And you will have a better sleep. Smile when your eyes close

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