Kicking sugar and processed foods is no easy feat. It will take a serious amount of effort and self talk for you to get past the cravings and your brain wanting that quick fix of sugar. Don’t be tempted to “replace” your sugars by slipping in “fake” sugar instead. While it may seem like a good idea, using “fake” sugar (such as aspartame) actually has the opposite effect than intended. 

When your body initially receives the “fake” sugar, it confuses your insulin producing cells and leads them to think: “Hey, here comes the sugar”. Your insulin levels shoot up anticipating that they will have to combat the approaching sugar rise. But there’s no actual sugar. There’s only fake sugar. Your cells are confused. They’re activated, waiting, and waiting, and waiting and over time they end up getting used to the excess insulin in the bloodstream.

 With time and repeatedly being faked out they “down-regulate” their response to insulin, requiring more and more insulin to be activated when there is glucose. Eventually your cells become Insulin Resistant. (*Psst* That’s the early beginnings of Diabetes). Just because it says it’s “Sugar Free” it still doesn’t mean it’s good for you.