In a previous article we talked about being patient with your self when it comes to exercise habits. You know already how hard it is to keep to your routine, especially around the holidays.

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The office is already filled with Holiday baking and if you are like me you have a favourite that you can’t resist. Your weekend, the days surrounding the festive season seem to support an attitude of things not part of routine, especially, exercise routine, it may be booked with Holiday parties or you’ve stayed up late too many nights in a row. You’re feeling guilty because you want to stick with your exercise program, but the Holiday shopping seems more important at this point. So what gives? How do you stay focused and resist all the temptations that surround you?

Stop. Breathe, evaluate and cut yourself some slack.

Get a plan in place.

Take a few minutes and review your schedule.

Plan for 1 or 2 super duper short bouts of 15 minutes of activity daily!!


·      First, it clears your head.

·      Second, you just feel better- “revived and alive”

·      And you can easily fit 15 minutes into your day…. Just Do It!!

·      Metabolic Benefit: Your body’s engine get revved up for up to two hours later, searching for burnable calories.   

YES… 15 minutes of intense (hard breathing) exercise for a regular exerciser results in 2 to 3 hours where an increased metabolic rate chews through extra calories. NOW, that does not mean you can eat at will… still use wisdom and control but get a short “quickie” of exercise outdoors when you only have 15 minutes and really can not see doing your regular routine.

And when finished, document how great you will feel (log it on your GoGet.Fit app when you log you “Did It”).

Here are a few other ideas on how to manage your other time during the festive season:


1-    Dinner parties? Consider these ideas

      a.     Eat a bit lighter throughout the day.

      b.     Consider going for a walk at lunch (maybe walk to a shop to get a Christmas present) or before the party instead of driving.

      c.      Have a goal for how many desserts you have. Be honest and realistic. You will feel better knowing you stuck to your dessert quota.

2-    Family is coming? Plan the corner stones for their stay.

      a.     Meal plan and buy your groceries in advance. People don’t need elaborate meals at every sitting. Your family will be grateful healthy lighter choices.

      b.     Don’t over do it with the Holiday baking. If you do the baking in advance, freeze it and only pull out a few pieces it time. This will help people to not over indulge.

     c.      Plan group outings. (MOST important) Daily activity: Walks, sledding, or skating. These activities are inexpensive and use up lots of energy.

3-    Travelling over the holidays?

     a.     Take a few minutes before your trip and research the restaurants on the way and in the area, to know your options and avoid an over abundance of fast food.

     b.     Pack celery and carrots for the munchies…

     c.      If you are staying in a hotel, book one with a swimming pool or a gym, even a few laps in the pool can be helpful.

     d.     Be sure to pack a book with you. Unwind by reading instead of looking at social media. You will sleep better.

Be honest and realistic. It’s easy to get lost in all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Take a few minutes everyday for yourself to catch your breath or a get a breath of fresh air. And remember the 15-minutes a happy heart!!


All the Best of the season from Dr. Peter Rawlek, and the GoGet.Fit team.